3 Useful Visual Effects for Videos That You Can Take Advantage Of

3 Useful Visual Effects for Videos That You Can Take Advantage Of

One of the hardest things about applying visual effects to videos is knowing which effects to use, and when. It is generally inadvisable to apply effects for no reason whatsoever, and can end up distracting viewers from the content of your video.

That is why if you want to start spicing up your videos with visual effects, there are three very useful options that you will be able to take advantage of in various situations:

  • Split screen

By using the split screen effect you will divide your screen into two or more sections, each with its own discrete video playing. That can be a useful way to show actions taking place at the same time but in different locations, or multiple-camera angles of the same action.

In that way this effect can provide additional visual meaning and context to viewers, or show some actions more clearly from different points of view. The main challenge with using it will be directing the viewers focus, and making sure that at any given point in time they know which part of the split screen to focus on.

It can be used to meld shots together creatively as well – but that requires planning as the shots need to line up perfectly.

  • Slow motion

The appeal of the slow motion effect is easy to appreciate: By slowing down the speed of a video you can reveal more detail about the action that is taking place in it that would not have been as visible or noticeable at its normal pace.

Naturally it can also be used to create the illusion of time slowing down, and conversely you could speed up video to create the opposite effect.

Generally speaking it is best to employ the slow motion effect when there is the need to reveal additional detail. Alternatively it can be used to mimic the style of action films.

  • Filters

Video filters have become more and more popular during post-production as an easy way to alter the color, style, and overall look of videos. While they can be generally useful in a variety of situations, one of the ways that they can be used consistently is as a tool for color grading.

Essentially filters that primarily alter the colors and style of videos can be used as an alternative to manually adjusting the color settings. It is an easier and more beginner-friendly option to color grade videos and produce consistent results.

Each of the effects listed above can help you to set your video apart, while at the same way contributing to it in a meaningful way. In short instead of distracting viewers, you can immerse them using the effects and provide them more visual information with them.

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