Natural solution to reduce A1C

Natural solution to reduce A1C

The people who are affected because of diabetes would have known about the importance of reducing the A1C level. This blood test reveals the amount of blood sugar level. Even though there are many medications which can be followed to reduce the level of A1C, it is always better to move with the natural remedies. The natural solution which is suggested in this article is nothing but the food. By taking certain type of food items, the diabetes patients can maintain the level of A1C in their body. The only thing is they must choose the best foods that lower a1c which can add value of this effort.


The fish items can be considered as one of the ideal options for reducing the level of a1c. The protein present in fish will help in reducing weight inflammation in the body. This will be a great boon for the diabetes patients to stabilize sugar level and their body weight. But it is to be noted that in order to yield effective result out of this food, they can avoid taking them in fried recipes.


Taking the food items which are highly rich in fiber will be always the best choice for diabetes patients. cannellini beans, chia seeds, wheat and nuts can be considered as the best food items which are rich in fiber. The foods that are rich in fiber will also help in nourishing the digestive system. Since these food items will consume more time to get breakdown, they can reduce the blood sugar level to a greater extent. The secret behind these food items is they are highly complex.  This will be the best choice for the people who are puzzled in how to lower a1c.

Low sugar fruits

Basically the sugar patients will not be advised to take fruits as they are rich in sugar. But there are some fruits which has low sugar content. In order to reduce a1c level, these fruits can be added to their diet. The fruits that have low sugar level include blackberries, Nectarines, grape, Cucumbers, Kiwifruit and many.

Whole grains

The whole grains are the most important foods which tend to occupy the diet of the people who are suffering from the problems of diabetes. Using these foods in right proportion, the diabetes patients can manage to reduce a1c level easily without putting forth more effort.

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