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The Best Vaporizer for Older Generations

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 The best vaporizers money can buy today come chock-full of crazy features and capabilities and this is certainly an awesome thing for many, but not all. A lot of people interested in the recent trend of vaporizing weed instead of burning it to ash are older citizens that might be interested in picking up a new and healthier habit than they practiced in their younger days. I know tons of friends whose grandparents hadn’t smoked since the 70’s but with all the excited chatter associated with vapes became interested in trying it to see what all the hype was about. What they found is it hardly affects their lungs at all and brings them all the most pleasant mental effects of cannabis that they remember, minus all the burning coughs and constant phlegm from smoking every day.

In cases such as these, the sophisticated technological approach of vapes like the DaVinci IQ or PAX 3 might not be ideal, especially if you’re considering gifting one to grandma or grandpa. Here are a few examples you might consider for this scenario, based on merits of simplicity and ease of use. The options presented by this article are especially relevant for older folks looking for a nice recreational buzz in their life. If you need to help out a family member with cannabis as a medicine, it very well might be worth it to get more advanced models that allow for total control over the temperature, but that’s another matter to look into.

The Magic Flight Launch box is simple to use, and simple to look at. For any grandparents out there that visibly recoil at anything that looks even slightly high-tech, this vape with its natural walnut wood finish should help you ease them into it. No need for any buttons, dials or touch screens, because all you have to do is insert the battery into a slot on the side of it, and conduction heating happens on the spot, only as long as you’re holding the battery down on the connector. Sprinkle some herb in the chamber, push the battery in, wait five seconds, then inhale. Easy as grandma’s apple pie. Other simple designs include Storz and Bickel’s Mighty or Crafty models, and the Arizer Solo or Air models. These might not provide the overall best vaporizer experience possible, but they should do the trick for older people that are allergic to tech.