The handle of the razor should be comfortable while using.

The handle of the razor should be comfortable while using.

We are specialized in providing the grooming products for men. The payment can be done for all products with different types of cards via PayPal. If you want to know about the discounts and coupons then you can sign up with your mail id so that you can get notifications from us. You need not replace the safety razor for many years if you use the high-quality blades in the razor. It is very easy to replace the blades in the razor. The safety razor can be presented as an excellent gift for the wet shavers. The leather sheet and wooden case can be purchased separately as they are included with the safety razor. The safety razors are provided with a wooden or nickel chrome handle to feel comfortable while shaving.

Protective device:

The safety razors are the best choice for men who are beginners in wet shaving. The popularity of the safety razors is increasing because there is no need to apply any pressure on the face when you use the safety razor. The safety razors will reduce the chances of skin irritation, ingrown hairs and shaving wounds. The safety razors with incredible quality will make sure that the safety razor will last for a longer time. A safety razor is a shaving tool which is present between the edge of the blade and skin and it is a protective device. The probability of small injuries can be reduced while shaving with the use of safety razor. It is very easy to use the safety razors as you require only a small amount of time to master the safety razor.

Pricing structure:

Free shipping facility is offered by the company to the customers on a minimum order value. We are currently not able to refund the postage costs for the products. You can place the order for the safety razor products by checking out the products from the cart. The pricing structure will include the appropriate rate of the products. The weight of the handle should also be considered in the safety razors as they differ in the size, length and material. If you are planning to start a business with our products then you can approach by filling the form available on our website. You can request for our complete catalogue if you want to re-sell our products. You can contact us if you have any queries regarding the delivery as we are available round the clock.

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