Tips to Choose the Trusted Funeral Director for the Demise

Tips to Choose the Trusted Funeral Director for the Demise

Everyone in the world is born to die, and nowadays people are very much keen on doing all their funeral arrangements. They are achieving it by buying the pre-paid plans to avoid the extra charges at the time of the funeral. It will be a tremendous support for your family, as they don’t need to arrange for money at the last minute. There are multiple funeral director services are available to benefit people with different packages. Safe Hands are the one who organizes the marketing campaign to encourage people for buying their funeral plans to benefit their family. It is the leading service provider to offer the cheapest plan with more guarantees. Safe Hands is the registered body under the Funeral Planning Authority commission. They are the best and trusted source to hold your fund for your demise expense, and in offering financial security.

They are currently offering various levels of services. And are providing several SafeHands Funeral Plans for people who are over eighteen years. You can choose from the unique plans available which include Topaz, Pearl, Sapphire, Ruby, and direct cremation plan. If you don’t want the funeral service, you can even opt for the direct cremation plans, in which they take the deceased person directly to the crematorium with none of their family members, friends, or relatives. They are offering their plans to the state planners, financial advisers, and will writers.

SafeHands Funeral Plans

They are accepting payment in three ways, which includes

  • Paying a single full payment at the time of registration.
  • Paying the funeral plan cost for 2 years with no extra charge.
  • Paying the monthly installments for 3 years, or 5, or 10 years as per your choice.

When you opt for their dignity plan, your family does not need to pay any extra charge during the funeral, and the funeral directors will take care of the cremation procedures and it is inclusive of all services charges, doctor charge to produce the death certificate, and ministers’ fees.

You can opt for their service using the sales staff and agents, and they are ready to help you all the time. With the help of an online sales portal, you can even download the application forms and brochures and register for the service online. If you need any consultation, you can get in touch with the call center operation, where they afford online consultations. Once you purchase the plan, they will assign your funeral director, and they will hold all the contract documents.

If you want to cancel the service, you need to do it before 30 days of the purchase date to get the full refund of the money you paid. When you are canceling after 30 days, they will charge the cancellation fee.

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