What are door access control systems

What are door access control systems

An access control for doors is a security system that will allow only authorized persons to access the site behind said system.  While on the other hand it will retain the passage of unauthorized people. A padlock, a lock or even a simple knob are access control systems.  Although currently there are other systems much more sophisticated, safe, modern and easy to use;  like the ones you will know below.

The most modern types of access control : if you are looking for an access control singapore that is safe, easy and modern, for your company or home;  you need to know and master on fee things to choose the right one.

First, access controls are classified according to the types of network, and their form of identification.

Autonomous systems: An autonomous access control system manages a single door without the need for a connection to a data network, independently.

Distributed systems: Using radio frequency technology, this access control system will allow you to control different doors from different points.  It is ideal for medium-sized buildings, being able to manage up to 32 entrances.

Centralized systems: This type of system centralizes all the access information on a single server.  It can be integrated with other security systems such as alarms, elevators, tour control, etc.  It adapts to any type of project.

Some of the biometric access controls are:

Facial access control: Which identifies features of the individual’s face to identify the user and subsequently allow or deny access.

Fingerprint Access Control: Fingerprint biometrics uses fingerprints as identification methods.  It is one of the most used systems in biometric access controls.

Ocular access control: It is one of the most secure access control methods for companies.  They work by scanning the retina or iris of our eyes using a beam of infrared light.

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