7 Tips To Create Hard-To-Resist Diy Video Contents

7 Tips To Create Hard-To-Resist Diy Video Contents

Everything in this era is going digital starting from online classes, online shopping, online money transactions, up to other things that have to do with ‘online’. Because of this digitalization, information is now accessible and can be shared in a single click just like you see on your Facebook or TikTok page. With everyone using and their eyes on their screens, it’s easier to see how vast video can go at length.

Almost everyone is also hooked on vlogging or video blogging because it generates money. Some entrepreneurs, specifically the young ones, use it in their businesses to boost their revenues. Consequently, it makes you wonder how much money they are paid to make those kinds of content, and it even encourages you to do the same. Now, the question lies on how to make quality video content on your own as a beginner and become a certified social media influencer or entrepreneur. Below are the tidbits of knowledge that you may use in embarking on your vlogging or business journey.

Get To Know the Types of Video Content

In making video content, you need to know first your target audience demographics. Do not target the general public. Be intentional and specific with your content because it will help you narrow down what kind of information or message you want to impart and for what purpose you are doing it. There are at least 12 types of marketing videos that you can benchmark on.

Keep in mind that making a hard-to-resist video involves thorough planning.

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6 Tips in Making Your DIY Videos Irresistible to Watch

  1. Nothing sells more than a touching and equally interesting story.

Focus on connecting with your viewers and not on your revenues.

  1. Plan and write an unputdownable script.

Stimulate their minds and hearts with a well-written script alone and your background music will just be an additive.

  1. Use that window time wisely.

Remember, people now only have an average attention span of 8 seconds; hence, your introduction must be compelling, and you must be able to sustain it at the end of the video. How do you do it? Entice your viewers using an interesting thumbnail and show a catchy preview of your video in the beginning.

  1. Make use of special features.

Beautiful visuals combined with subtitles and text-heavy descriptions enhance the experience of your viewers and you can find them at Wave video.

  1. Add call-to-action features (CTA).

Give your audiences the freedom to choose and judge your video content if it is share-worthy by placing your CTA features like “click here to subscribe” at the last part of your video.

  1. Incorporate SEO features.

For your video to be part of the most searched content, incorporate #keywords and video descriptions.

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