All you need to know about CT Scan

All you need to know about CT Scan

CT scan or Computed Tomography scan allows the doctors to see the inside images of your body. The procedure uses a mixture of computer and x-rays to get the inside images of the patient’s body. CT scan can be performed on any organ and it can take inside images of bones and other different organs. The main difference between CT and X-ray is that a CT scan shows more details than an X-ray does. The procedure of CT scan is generally not very long and it is completely painless.

In order to CT scan some part of your body, the professionals use a narrow X-ray beam, which keeps circling around a part of your body. This procedure helps in producing a number of images from various angles of the same part. Now, a computer is used in order to create a picture that is cross sectional. The scan picture is two dimensional in nature and shows a piece of the insides of your body.

The same process is repeated to get a number of sliced images of the body. The used computer then places these images on top of each and other and thus creates a more detailed image of the part of your body that was being scanned. It can be your bones, your blood vessels or some other organ.

CT scan

If you are looking for CT scan in Hyderabad then you will have to contact a radiology clinic or a hospital. The doctor who will be doing your scan might tell you not to eat anything before a few hours of the scan. You might also have to wear a hospital dress and remove jewelleries like metal objects. Now, you have to choose the correct radiology clinic or hospital that will do your CT scan perfectly. You should not just go to any clinic as there might be a lack of professionals and your report will be distorted. You need to check certain facts before you go to a radiology clinic for the CT scan. First of all, check the list of professionals that the clinic has. You should then check the credentials of them to ensure that they are proficient in their field of work. You should then check for how many years the clinic has been performing CT scan and the likes of it. You should look for a clinic that has been in this field for quite a few years as it will have more experienced professionals. You should also check CT scan cost in Hyderabad before you finalise on any clinic for your scan. Make sure to check the clinic’s online rating and the customer reviews. You should aim for a clinic that has a high rating and is praised by its customers. Do not get lured by clinics who offer cheap services but has a low rating. These clinics are generally run by low qualifies professionals and will distort your scan report.

So, keep these things in mind if you are looking to do a CT scan of your own or of your family members.

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