Are hair fibers ideal to use for your hair loss?

Are hair fibers ideal to use for your hair loss?

Hair fibers are mostly used because it is the best camouflaging for hair loss. The hair fibers are from the same protein as real hair which is the keratin. These are binding to your existing hair, making it a fuller look and the bald spots are now hidden. Many people call the hair fibers as hair concealer or hair camouflage. Using these hair fibers can enhance your look of thinning hair. But it can take a lot of practice for you to style your hair and those thinner spots will show as fuller hair. These tips that you have to know when you are using hair fibers.

Applying it to your dry hair

The use of hair fibers is sticking in your existing hair by static electricity. When you like to fully use it in your hair it is best to use it when the hair is dry. As the fibers will be lumpy when you tried to apply them to wet hair. But when you like to use gel, you have to apply it before using the hair fibers, you have to style your hair and let it dry. When you are using gel it is harder for the hair fibers to stick properly. As it makes the hair stick together by making less hair available for the hair fibers to stick. For you to have good results in using hair fibers you have to avoid using gel. And for the hair fibers to stick and allow you to fix the hair is by using a fiber hold spray.

Using the right color

The hair fibers are available in different natural colors and to have a good result you have to use the right color. When you like the color to get better you can mix two colors. Apply it to your hair, it will be dark since it is the base color and you can follow it by using a lighter color.

hair fibers

Fibers have to stick properly

The hair fibers are sticking to your existing hair by using static electricity and it will not matter how thin your hair is. Even if it is the thinnest hair it will look thicker once you use hair fibers. The fibers will not look at their best when you are spreading them on your scalp to cover it. But it will not be a problem when the fibers are in your scalp.

Applying the correct amount.

When you like to be natural-looking you don’t need to apply too many hair fibers. You can use a small amount which is enough to use to have a good effect. But when you apply a large amount it will not look natural. The fibers will depend on every preference, color, hair condition, and more. Looking for the right amount needs to have lots of practice, experience, and patience. That is why you have to start in small amounts and then proceed to add the amount that you think is suitable.

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