Bitcoin to Buy Online

Bitcoin to Buy Online

In India, bitcoin is gaining huge momentum, and not like old days, now it’s legal to buy or sell Bitcoin even in India. But, there are just a few quality websites where you may buy Bitcoin. Bitcoin trading in India has cooled off just by following the banking ban at July 2018, now an only way of trading these cryptocurrencies is by P2P mode. For this reason, lots of exchanges have now come up with the innovative P2P solutions for facilitating the Indian traders and exchange BTC to INR. Do remember, it is legal to use the Crypto in India. But, it is just the banks that have banned these cryptos.

While making any P2P transfer for the cryptos, never use word like crypto, and exchange name in your remark, which can identify purpose of your transfer. Bitcoin, just like other coins, is very volatile and value of this currency stays unpredictable. The news & seemingly unrelated events will affect the price greatly, at times positively and negatively. But, if you want to take a plunge and get a few bitcoin, let us look at some ways for doing it:

Getting paid in Bitcoin

One of the fastest way of growing the wallet – bitcoin and otherwise – is getting paid with the bitcoin. Suppose you have the shop online, add “pay with bitcoin” to your shopping list. As the service provider, you may consider asking the clients if they want to use the bitcoin for payment. But, if you have any brick-n-mortar shop, you can print out the bitcoin wallet’s QR code or stick this next to checkout so that people can scan this and send bitcoin instantly.

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