Company Registration Steps To Be Followed In Hong Kong

Company Registration Steps To Be Followed In Hong Kong

Are you thinking about starting a new business in Hong Kong? Then you would be aware of the need to register your company first. For company registration, you can hire HK company registration services. These services would do the registration process for you without much fuss.

Process of registration

  • Plan first: Before starting a company, you would have a vision for it. What kind of business it is, the name of the business, etc. Knowing these details is important to register your company. Refer to the guidelines issued by the government of Hong Kong before naming the company.
  • Apply officially: The next is filling out the application form for registration. The fees of registration, along with all the necessary documents need to be submitted.
  • Certification: Upon the successful submission of all the documents, the application will be approved. The certificates issued can be downloaded and printed for hardcopy as well.
  • Permits: After receiving the certificate, you can apply for any required permits relevant to your business. This may take a few days as well.

Registration services

If you do not have the time and knowledge to get a company registered properly, do not worry. You can avail the services of the HK company registration services. Not just registration, these companies will offer you a wide range of services like the renewal of a permit, name changes, etc.

Hiring a registration company will ease your job. You would not have to run behind getting everything accurate. This would save a lot of time that you can use in other aspects of your new business.

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