Female biker shorts – How to pick the best ones? 

Female biker shorts – How to pick the best ones? 

Male and female activewear may look similar to many, but several differences exist. Men’s activewear like cycling shorts is universal and has been around for years. However, in the case of women, items like female biker shorts are available for a variety of body types and are more specific. So, here are the factors to consider while finding the perfect biking shorts that feel as if they were made just for you!

  1. Body shape and type 

Like other female clothing items, biking shorts also come as per body shape. For example, the shorts made for skinny women will not suit women with an hourglass shape. So, one should consider their body type and shape when shopping for activewear.

  1. The type of bike 

This is an obvious factor, but many women tend to miss out on this one. The pair of shorts will serve the best depending on the mileage of the bicycle. Long rides call for dense and thick pads in the shorts. Similarly, short ones need pads that allow freedom of movement.

  1. Type of care needed. 

Like other clothing items, female biker shorts need care and maintenance. The material of the shorts determines if they are suitable for dryers or not. If not suitable for dryers, it has to be air-dried. So, one should keep this in mind as well.

Men’s and women’s activewear differ a lot in various aspects. When it comes to picking the perfect pair of shorts, it is about trying the options and determining what meets the requirements.

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