Finding the Best Car Accidents Attorney in Campbell

Finding the Best Car Accidents Attorney in Campbell

When there is a car crash, one of the things that cause the delay is determining who’s fault is it. At this event, you need to have the best auto accident attorney. Kim Staskus is one of the best auto accident lawyers in California. So if you get in the middle of a car accident, Staskus is the best lawyer to get in touch with to help you deal with the issue at hand.

Staskus Law Firm has been helping people out since the early 80’s. They have a group of trusted legal advisers who work closely with the client all throughout the legal proceedings to help you get what is intended for you because of the loss in wages, for the medical bills, and for the pain and stress that you have gone through because of the accident.

Who’s Fault is It?

When you happen to pass by a car accident, you can’t help but try to figure out who’s at fault. And it is not new that everyone has their own opinion about this. But if you think this is an easy process, no it’s not. This is why we need an experienced lawyer to handle this case. You need to find someone you can trust like the car accident attorney Campbell, CA.

The process of determining who’s at fault will usually depend on which driver did not follow the simple rules of road which caused the accident to happen. If for example, it turns out that the other driver is truly at fault, the process would be shorter. It’s easy to speculate, but when defending yourself during litigation services becomes quite hard.

Rapid Process for Rapid Results

Time is very important during these investigations. Usually, the information and evidence will be gathered from the witnesses present during the incident. If you are not able to do this, it is best to call your attorney as soon as the crash happens. If you have fresh evidence, there is a high chance you will win the case.

Settlements and Verdicts

Davis Staskus, The best car accident attorney Campbell, CA is offering his time and resources in order to provide the best legal representation that you deserve as a victim. Staskus has helped thousands of clients and has assisted the victims get the monetary compensation that they should have for their injuries. Staskus Law Firm aims to provide each client with positive results for the settlements and verdicts

How Much Do Attorneys Usually Charge for their Services

A client should pay a certain amount to a lawyer if the case was handled properly. There should be an arrangement between the two especially if there is money involved. For the contingent fee, the lawyer agrees to a fixed percentage of the settlement, and the remaining amount will go to the client. When you lose the case, you and the lawyer will not get any settlement money.

Finding the best auto accident attorney can be very challenging. But in these cases, whether you like it or not, you would need the help of a lawyer to get you through the case. Staskus Law Firm can provide you with the best service all throughout the process at a very reasonable price.

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