Follow the Underwritten PUBG Mobile Tricks to Have Chicken Dinner

Follow the Underwritten PUBG Mobile Tricks to Have Chicken Dinner

Player unknown’s Battle Ground most popularly known as PUBG is one of the most popular games around the globe. If you play it once then there is a surety that you will always miss it. You will find a long list of people playing this game in street corners, Cafes and in nearly every place, whether it is office or any public place. People who do not wish to go out and search for some wonderful ways to spend their time with friends will find it perfect.

One of the best things about pubg private hack is that anyone can play it, as it is easy to pick up. In battle royal game, you will land in an island with 99 other players. You have to fight until the end to be the last man surviving. As the game will proceed, the map will shrink. This is the reason valorant esp players have to be on the move constantly. It is an easy game to pick up, but it is not an easy game to win.


The beginning of the game is important. If you are a player, then stay away from congested area. Do not land in the cluster of buildings rather of find a place in a smaller settlement.

Follow the Underwritten PUBG Mobile Tricks to Have Chicken Dinner

Avoid the first contact

After landing, most of the players make a mistake of being indulged into a combat in the beginning. In case you find someone in the same area, it is better to take a U-turn and move in a different direction. Remember they may have a weapon and your interaction with them may turn fatal.

Keep your eyes open

You have landed in a new area and this is the time for you to explore it by keeping your eyes open. Find out any signs of activity. While entering into a building if you find that doors are open. This is a clear sign that somebody has already visited this place. They may or may not be in the same building, but you need to proceed slowly and take good amount of care.

Use shotgun

You may not find shotgun as the best weapon to combat, but if you need to fire in the close range, then this is the perfect weapon. In the beginning,while exploring the new area, you will come to know about the importance of valorant esp shotgun.

Keep changing the armor at regular intervals

Remember that you have to change your armor as it depletes. It does not matter whether you have a higher level of armor or not. You need to change it at regular intervals to stay protected.

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