Games at Its Best for You Now in the Right Laptop

Games at Its Best for You Now in the Right Laptop

Games became a favorite pastime for most computer users, and if for “simple” games, it’s enough to have a regular office computer of medium power. Then they had the most “advanced” versions with high-quality graphics, significant sound effects, and the ability to immerse themselves in virtual reality require powerful systems with specially designed “Ground” under the same characteristics. Indeed you will have the best choices with Razer gaming laptop now.


New games require more RAM. 8 GB of memory will not be enough in all competitions, so you should choose a laptop with 16 GB of RAM, this amount is enough for gaming. To take a computer with 32 or more GB of RAM is necessary only if you are engaged in processing graphics or video. If your budget is currently limited and you feel that you have to buy a laptop with 8 GB of RAM, then do not worry, the amount of OP can be increased independently by purchasing the right memory module and installing it next to the existing one. This procedure does not take much time and boils down to selecting the right memory module and removing the back cover of the laptop to connect RAM, which is devoted to many articles on the Internet.

Razer Gaming Laptop

Hard (HDD) and solid-state (SSD) drives

A gaming laptop, and indeed any computer in 2020, must have an SSD drive. It works at speeds significantly higher than a regular hard drive, so at least the operating system and programs need to be installed on it. A significant reduction in prices for solid-state drives in recent years allows everyone to get one. Pay attention to laptops with an SSD-drive with a capacity of 128 GB or higher, an optimal 256 GB SSD. The larger the volume, the more games and programs you can install on it, so it all depends on your budget. Typically, in addition to the SSD, a laptop is also equipped with a hard drive. It will store files that cannot fit on a solid-state drive; take a laptop with an HDD of 1 TB or more. Both types of drives can be changed independently, as well as RAM.


The display is also important when choosing a laptop because your eyes will watch it all the time. Screen resolution varies from 1920 × 1080 (FHD) to 2560 × 1440 (QHD) and 3840 × 2160 (4K). To get a beautiful picture, a 15.6-inch screen in FHD resolution is enough. There are two types of display matrices: TN and IPS, the latter type has better viewing angles and a more pleasant image, but the price is correspondingly higher. It is worth paying attention to the display cover: matte or glossy. The glossy coating has better colour reproduction and more saturated colours, however, when working on it, reflections and glare are clearly visible. The matte screen is anti-reflective, you will not see the reflection in it and the sun shining on the laptop screen will not hurt you. One of the latest trends is the support by the laptop screen of frequencies of 120, 144 Hz and 240 Hz, due to which the image in games will change more smoothly. Recently appeared and models with 300 Hz for professional players.

Ports and Cooling

Before purchasing a laptop, we recommend that you look at the reviews on the device and make sure that the cooling of the laptop will not bother you. It is essential that the cooling system is balanced and does not exceed the permissible noise limits. Also look at where blowing is wrong: it should not be located on the right side of the laptop. Otherwise, hot air will go directly to the mouse and your hand. Pay attention to the ports available in the laptop: make sure that there are all that you may need to connect additional devices, for example, an HDMI connector for an extra monitor.


These are the main indicators for choosing a gaming laptop. Still, the final option should be selected based on a compromise of satisfactory performance and maximum budget, as well as the player’s preferences for the presence of lighting and other design elements.

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