Got a Speeding Ticket? Here’s What You Need to Do

Got a Speeding Ticket? Here’s What You Need to Do

Annually, the number of drivers getting caught with a speeding offense keeps on rising. Because of the new and high-technology digital speed camera in the United Kingdom are becoming more and more advanced. It can detect a variable speed limit on the road in just a glimpse and catching many drivers out.

However, there’s still confusion happening when a driver gets a Notice of Intended Prosecution invitation from the police. When you received this kind of notice at the front of your door, relax. Calm yourself as possible as you can. Any wrong move that you might do will only add up to your case negatively. Call your speeding solicitor and explain your situation with them; they will help you legally.

To enlighten your confusion, below are the following FAQs you should be aware of so you can have an idea of what to do if you received a speeding ticket.

What Will Happen If You Get Caught Speeding?

Three scenarios would happen:

  1. You will get an offer to attend a speed awareness course.
  2. You will get a speeding ticket, or they will call you about the Fixed Penalty Notice. Alongside with your speeding fine and points that will be accumulated on your license.
  3. If your speed during the time you get caught was dangerous and excessive, you can possibly be summoned to the court and prosecuted immediately. In any case that you found guilty, you will automatically receive fine and points on your driving license and, worst, a driving ban.

Notice Intended Prosecution: What Is It? 

NIP or the Notice of Intended Prosecution is a piece of paper sent by the police to the registered owner/keeper of the vehicle. On that paper, all the information regarding the offense is explained. Also, you’ll read the instruction on what to do next after you received it.

Remember, you will only get a NIP if, during the incident, you were pulled over by police for a speeding offense, and they gave you a verbal warning of the prosecution. Also, you’ll receive a NIP if your speeding is a factor for a road traffic accident.

How Far You’re Allowed to Go Over with the Allowable Speed?

According to the law, over the limit, speeding is liable enough to get a speeding ticket. But in reality, the police will often offer a buffer up to 10% plus 2mph above the allowable speed. However, this is only applicable to police discretion. Indeed, excessive speed can automatically lead to summoning someone to the court to be prosecuted.  

Speeding Fine: How Much? 

The standard fine for a speeding offense may vary, but it is usually £100. But if you were going to be prosecuted, the penalty will go higher between £1000 to £2500 if the speed is overly excessive and dangerous in the road.

How Can You Avoid a Speeding Ticket?

If you are not the intended person to receive a speeding ticket, then you literally, you don’t need a defense. However, if you’re the one who commits it, you don’t have a choice but to face it.

1. You Weren’t the one Driving the Vehicle 

For example, your vehicle was stolen or sold, or perhaps, someone else was driving the card at that time, then you’re not liable for the offense. You may respond to the NIP and explained to them that you are not the one who drives that vehicle. If someone else was driving your car, report it immediately to the police.

2. You Weren’t Over speeding 

If you really don’t do that, you can contest the ticket at the court. However, you must be able to prove this scenario to fight the ticket. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t realize you were already doing a speeding, or you didn’t know about the speed limit on that particular idea.

The best thing to do when you received a NIP is to call your speeding solicitor and talk to them about your case. They will be the one who can resolve legally without getting any fine or points on your driving license.

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