Have A Dinner At Sun Wah, The Asian Fusion Restaurant In Melbourne & You’ll Never Dine Anywhere Else!

Have A Dinner At Sun Wah, The Asian Fusion Restaurant In Melbourne & You’ll Never Dine Anywhere Else!

What is Fusion Cuisine?

A cuisine that combines different country’s and different culture’s cooking traditions that leads to the creation of new unique dishes is called fusion cuisine. These cuisines are not categorized in any country’s cuisine rather these are unique cuisines of their type. There are several restaurants serving fusion cuisines just like Sun Wah.

About Sun Wah

This is a family-owned business that has come a long way, started in the 1960s. In the past few years, the cuisine has been modified a lot by incorporating modern cooking techniques and creating unique food.

Currently, the restaurant is being managed by the restaurateurs Rowena & Albert. These two have great expertise in Asian Cuisine. They are very passionate and have a great record. The Sun Wah restaurant cooks Asian dishes fused with the western and eastern food preparation methods. They are well-recognized for the fusion dishes they cook.

asian fusion restaurant in Melbourne


Sun Wah, the asian fusion restaurant in Melbourne, has received several awards in the past and currently have been listed in the top 14 restaurants of Chinese cuisine in Australia by ACFG.

Philosophy of Sun Wah

What makes the ingredients of Sun Wah special are the seasonal and fresh high-quality produce. The menu is regularly updated according to the seasonal vegetables and ingredients. These ingredients are bought only from the local farms. Hence it supports the local economy too. Also, this means the vegetables go through lesser travel time so we get fresher vegetables.

Some Signature Dishes

All the dishes at Sun Wah, the asian fusion restaurant in Melbourne, are mouth-watering. But, some of the dishes are sold much more than the others. These are the dishes the restaurant is famous for. Some of the signature dishes are:

  • Duck Croquettes
  • Poached Soy Chilli Dumplings
  • Duck Crepes
  • Prawn Parcels
  • Pork Shui Mai
  • Ginger Prawn Dumplings
  • Blue Crab Dumplings

Some deserts are:

  • Macaron
  • Sorbets & Lime Coconut Cheesecake
  • Chocolate Won-Tons


The reviews for Sun Wah from most of the customers are 5-star. They have been very happy with their service as well as their dishes. Those who visit the place once visit it again and again. Many of the reviewers are the regular customers of the restaurant. They say that there is consistency in the food served by Sun Wah, the asian fusion restaurant in Melbourne, and the service is just the best.

The main reason behind their success is the staff. They have highly trained staff and all of them are certified. The place is fully licensed and is inspected from time to time. The inspection results have been positive for the restaurant always. No suspicious activity is ever found in the Sun Wah Kitchen.

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