How Fast Can Our Body Fight Against the COVID 19 Virus?

How Fast Can Our Body Fight Against the COVID 19 Virus?

The whole world is affected by the novel corona virus infection. The COVID 19 or the novel corona virus infection is a current pandemic affecting too many people across the globe. There is huge number of new cases being reported each day.

The nature of the novel corona virus infection

The novel corona virus, also known as COVID 19 is a deadly virus and has caused deaths in many cases. However, there have been many cases where the patients have recovered too. Please understand that the very basic thumb rule of this corona infection. Not all patients who are affected by this disease die.

Out of the hundred cases of corona infection, almost about 95 to 98 percent of the affected people recover sooner or later. Only the rest of the 2 percent of the people are at real risk or in the danger of death. However, there is something very important that you need to understand in this, the recurrence of the infection.

Even in cases where the patients have been cured there are chances for the infection to recur. This is why one must be very careful while fighting this COVID 19 virus. You might have recovered fully, but you are still at risk of catching this infection again. 

How long should I isolate myself if am affected? 

If you are found to have any of the symptoms of the corona virus infection then you will be tested for it. If your test results show positive to corona virus tests and if you are detected to be infected, then you will be immediately isolated. Then you will be treated and you will soon be recovered from it.

After you are fully out of danger and you no longer have the viral infection in your body, you will be tested again. If your test results show negative for COVID 19 virus, then you are deemed to be fully cured.

Even though you are cured from the virus, you will have to still follow the recommended safety measures. You should keep social distancing and should wear the protective respiratory masks as you might still carry some residual virus that would get transmitted from you and it might infect another healthy person.

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This viral epidemic and the pandemic infection are very new to us. So, it is important that we handle this with lots of patience, positivity and care. Our planet will recover from this deadly situation and we will get back to normalcy soon.

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