How to look good on Skype for 3 simple steps

How to look good on Skype for 3 simple steps

Communication via Skype, without leaving your home or office, is quickly becoming the most popular and effective way to communicate with family, friends, colleagues and customers around the world. You no longer need to break your phone budget to pay for expensive national and international calls. Instead, through your broadband provider you can receive calls mostly for free (with some rates for Skype calls) via Skype to anywhere in the world.

But what makes this new style of face-to-face communication is to exhibit it in all its natural glory! Everyone you talk to can see your face and upper torso, unless you turn off the video. Think about it from a commercial point of view. Your appearance will be considered a reflection of your brand. Think about what your standard is and be sure to meet your brand every time you go on the air with your webcam.

Imagine that you are in darmowe skype with the owner of a business that has messy hair, is still in pajamas and its image flickers from darkness to light. What does their appearance say about who they are as business people, what is more important, who they are as individuals and what about their reputation?

Here are three simple tips to help you look good on Skype every time you show up:

Tip 1.

Place the webcam at eye level. This allows you to look at each other, not up or down. Ideal to reduce double chin and nasal hair! When using Skype on a laptop, place it on a stack of books to bring it closer to eye level. Alternatively, if your webcam is connected to your PC, raise / lower the chair level.

Tip 2.

Always pay attention to light. If you have natural light in your office, turn to the window. This allows the light to fall on your face, which gives you a clearer and more professional vision of you for your online conversation. Use a small table lamp if you do not have access to natural light. Placing the light behind you will cause shadows and darkness.

Tip 3.

 Use a high-quality webcam. Even if you have a good built-in webcam, it is advisable to buy an HD camera with improved quality. With an HD webcam, your image will be clearer and the overall image quality will be much better. Remember that with high resolution it is important that you maintain your appearance, that is, hairstyle, makeup, clothes.

Take the time to provide a quality image on Skype and present your trademark in the most professional way.

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