Is Animation Post Production Different Than Normal Post Production?

Is Animation Post Production Different Than Normal Post Production?

What Is Post Production House?

To create any movie, short film, advertisement or video, one goes through two different production houses that are, pre-production and post production services house. The pre-production houses are the ones that search for the best location, scouting, casting etc. They create the movie. But in a post production house, they work when the shooting of the video is completed. They Focus on the sound and visual effects, backgrounds, cuts, colour correction, graphics etc. And then they release the trailer. So basically, post-production is the final stage that finalizes the video.

What Is Animation Post Production?

There are millions of post-production houses across the world. But the animation post production is different from customary movies and short films. As for animation movies, they have to create visuals with the help of computers and other physical equipment. They have to edit all the pieces of video together. Their gadget contains different software to create such things. Hong Kong is very much popular for such animation post production. There is numerous studio that helps create such films. In animation post production they have to focus on voice dubs, motion graphics and background music because they are just the images created on a computer. So yes, animation post production is different from normal post production. In animation production, they are supposed to keep the visual quality high for the viewers to have the feeling that yes, these things do not exist in reality. Hong Kong is prominent for such animation post production studios.

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