Keep Your Finished Basement Warm

Keep Your Finished Basement Warm

Do you know how toexpand the usable square footagein your house without building an extra room? An incredibly popular trend in Toronto nowadays is basement renovations. Maybe, it is time to upgrade your basement?!However, the main problem most homeowners face with is the humidity of this area. Although regular chills and dampness cannot be avoided, but they can be controlled. Heating and humidity control systems are your main assistants dealing with this issue. Check over here what steps can be taken.

  • Floor finishes

A comfortable floor in the rooms below grade gives your finished basement feeling of warmth and convenience. Choosing the correct flooring solution, you have to consider dampness too. Covering your floor with a carpet guarantees you moisture problems, unpleasant odour, presence of allergens and, as a result, health problems.

Therefore, sealing basement slabs is a vital issue.Underlayment prevents moisture from forming underneath carpets. When there is heat in the finished basement, it seeps out through the ground; attacking the concrete. Extruded polystyrene is an insulating layer that prevents it from occurring. Think about fixing cellar chunks. Like underlayment,it keeps dampness from shaping underneath floor coverings. Expelled polystyrene worksas a protecting layer as well.

  • Heating

If you have a pre-installed heating system that uses forced-air,it can be extended into the finished basement for additional heat. However, qualified experts should do this ductwork properly. Without appropriate adjustment the finished basement end up having stale air in the rooms above and cold basement area.

Heat sources are not limited to electrical wirings. Grates and furnaces are good choices too. The following inexpensive options provide extra warmth:

  • Efficiency improvement

By improving efficiency, the heat pumped into the basement will be felt as required. Install double-paned windows instead archaic single-paned types. Another great way is to add insulation. Prevent drafts by ensuring that seals on basement doors and windows are intact.

  • Moisture reduction

The higher the moisture levels in the basement, the colder the basement. Overall dampness can be reduced when a proper dehumidifying unit (like a portable humidifier) is installed.

Comfort is one thing that should not be compromised when finishing your basement. Call to House Renovationsand their specialists will help you to transform your basement into an absolutely habitable area.

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