Smartboard: A Beginner’s Guide

Smartboard: A Beginner’s Guide

What Is It?

It’s interesting how many people have no idea what the answer is to this topic. Many people believe that the Interactive Whiteboard is the projector itself. The projector is a separate piece of equipment whose purpose is to project whatever is on the pc screen onto the whiteboard.

Smartboards are interactive whiteboards that link to a computer or other device and use LED touch technology to improve learning in the classroom, lab, library, and similar environments.



These are the most affordable boards in the marketplace. They work by affixing a special dongle to a pre-existing whiteboard and work with a battery-operated pen.

These boards can be used as regular whiteboards with dry-wipe markers. You can’t interact with them using your finger, though.

Pen-Based Electromagnetic 

This type of interactive whiteboard uses a network of copper wires on the board. This practice effectively eliminates the need for a battery-operated pen, saving money on batteries. These boards, however, do not function as standard dry-wipe boards. You can’t interact with them either if your finger is on them.


The user can use their fingers or a pen to engage with this type of board. Some of them even allow you to write on them with dry-wipe markers. They’re also cost-effective.

Touch-Based Infrared

These boards offer all the same functionality as the above-mentioned boards, but they are powered by a different technology. Many of these smartboards are magnetic as well, which is convenient. Dry-wipe pens can be used on these as well. This type of smartboard is generally inexpensive and is becoming increasingly popular.

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