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Pet Parenting Guide: The Essentials for New Pet Owners

Taking care of domesticated animals these days is not new. Yes, it’s not a trend. But, some people get a sense of fulfillment in life from having a domesticated animal. Aside from the people that you have in your circle, you’d also have the chance to get a pet to shower your love on.

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The domesticated animals don’t usually live with the same years as the humans do. Yet, people are still willing to provide care, love, home, and friendship to tiny animals. Sure, you can provide shelter and basic needs to a new dog. But, there’s so much more aside from the material things that you must give to your pets.

Preparation Tips for a New Fur-Parent

If you’re new to the term “fur-parent”, it’s actually a terminology referring to humans who have domesticated animals at home. Now, if you’re planning to get one, you need to check out some tips in this article first. If this is your first time, don’t hesitate to reflect on the preparation essentials below.

  • Study the Breed

Take time to study which type of breed would suit your personality. Some people choose random dogs from the adoption shelter as a sense of connection is felt. But, others are doing intensive research about the characteristics of a breed that would somehow reflect theirs. As you learn more about the breed, you’d become more aware of what to do as an owner. If you’re not sure on which breed to get, you can read some helpful hints in PawCastle.

  • Buy the Necessary Supplies

Dogs would need some essential supplies too. Before you bring a puppy, an adult, or an old dog to your home, make sure you got the necessary supplies already. Ask some friends about where to buy the things that a dog would find pleasing and will use every day.

Few of the supplies that a dog would need are. . .

  • Water bowl
  • Food dish
  • Dog food and treats
  • Leash
  • Collar and harness
  • Dog Bed
  • Grooming essentials (i.e. comb, shampoo, brush)
  • Carrier

The list could go on for more accessories and extra stuff. But, the list above are the basics you need to buy before bringing a dog to your home. And, yes, you need to be ready to spend if you decide to get a pet. Thus, you better not be surprised by the aforementioned necessities.

  • Practice Patience

You must keep in mind that patience is a big factor in preparation for having a pet at home. During the first few days or weeks, the dog may not feel comfortable being in a new place. Most of the time, the pet will end up chewing your shoes, eating your sofa, and pissing anywhere in the house. In that case, you must understand that the dog may be going through the adjustment phase. Thus, you don’t have to hurry things especially in understanding the dog’s behavior. If you’re not too good with patience, you better start changing now.

Once you decide to have a pet, there’s no turning back. As soon as the papers are filed, you must provide everything that the dog needs. There’s nothing to worry too much when you’re getting a pet, though. As you look around, there are pet shops and clinics that will be of great help and of service at all times. Also, there are tutorials and blogs online where you can read more experiences of other fur-parents as well. Take note, getting a pet will require a sense of responsibility. Thus, you need to provide and expect nothing in return from your pet.

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