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How to use Reverse Boost and Get Easy Lobbies

Skill-Based-Match-Making is a feature in Modern Warfare that considers your skill level when matching you with other players. In Modern Warfare, the better you play the game, the better the gamers you’ll be checked with over time. Unfortunately, this means that people with higher skill levels will dominate the matches you play. In this article, we’ll show you how to try to get into Cod boost Modern Warfare’s easier lobbies with lower-skilled gamers:

  1. Partnered with unskilled opponents  

If you have a poor performance in matches, you will be partnered with easier opponents. In Modern Warfare, you must play the game badly to reverse boost. It means you’ll have to perform worse than typical in matches, which means dying a lot to deceive the game into pairing you with players of lesser skill levels. You’ll want to find the game varieties that tend to move the fastest depending on the different playlists offered. A game like Shipment’s Team Death Match would give you the most bangs for your money in terms of time in an ideal world.

Cod boost

  1. Aim Assist and Sensitivity can both be adjusted.

Aside from checking your screen and audio settings, the two most important in-game settings to tweak are sensitivity, which controls how quickly or slow your Operator moves, and aim assists, which is a built-in mechanism that assists you in aiming a weapon at a target. If Standard that is on by default is difficult for newcomers to play with controllers, they should try Focusing Aim Assist.

  1. Experimenting with several different vertical and horizontal settings

When it comes to sensitivity, it’s important to experiment with a few different horizontal and vertical settings to find out what operates best for you. Can you use your controller or mouse to make very small micro-adjustments? Increase the sensitivity. Do you ever feel like you’re going too fast? Then turn it down to the lowest level of sin.


You should play between 3-5 games and give it your all, and you’ll find that the game will start pairing you with lower-ranked, inferior players more frequently. Once you’ve mastered the easy lobbies in Modern Warfare, you’ll see that as you improve, you’ll eventually get promoted to more challenging lobbies. You’ll have to reverse Cod boosts again at that moment.

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