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The younger kids can achieve successful shots

If you are playing as a large group, set some rules before you start playing and make sure everyone is happy with the settings on their blasters. Younger children may need some help switching between the settings though older children are likely to catch on quickly. If in doubt, the submachine gun has the most satisfying sound and is the most likely to achieve a successful shot for younger kids with a scattergun approach. There is no need to wear a vest as your blaster is the target. You can keep track of your lives on the side of your gun but beware that some ammo can take more lives than others. Switch between ammo types mid-game to change strategy or try a new idea out.

accuracy of the blasters

Simpler version:

For the best results, you should choose a darkened space to make the lights stand out more. Though you can play outside in the sun, you won’t quite get the same effect as a classic laser tag set game. This 2 piece pack is a simpler version of other products by Phoenix LTX but still holds a lot of fun in store for players of all ages. Though it doesn’t have a green laser aim, you can still have a lot of fun targeting the small dome on top of each blaster. The accuracy of the blasters is really very good so you can really hone in on your aiming technique while you play. But don’t let this stop younger players going for the scattergun approach which is often more fun and productive for younger players.


The Nerf Laser Tag is the most highly ranked of all the laser blasters on this list and the high quality of the product is reflected in the higher pricing. Nerf is well-known and very popular toy brand so could be worth the extra spending for the assurance that comes with the branding for the laser tag set. While younger children may struggle to reload by themselves, they can still have plenty of fun running around and pulling the trigger to get the awesome sound effects. The batteries last well, too, so you don’t need to worry about stocking up in preparation for each game. These toys are made for heavy use.

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