The equipment which runs a laboratory

The equipment which runs a laboratory

The main items with which a laboratory runs is the equipment in the laboratory which can help in doing scientific, experimental, technological research. The lab equipments can be setup in hospitals, clinics, research organizations, physician’s offices and regional and nation reference centers.


Normally the  various labs have differential  setups and requirements as  per the requirements and setup and  the work the equipment is purchased and setup  for instance a lab which works on physics needs vacuumed chambers and metallurgy labs need metal casting units . For a chemist  lab they require wet lab and dry lab .Wet lab is a place where the all the wet works takes place like experiments are conducted and lots of chemical , glass ware , plastic ware , total  electronic, physical machine  with larger machines are arranged as per the procedure which should be done . In dry lab the data conducted in the wet lab is noted and feeder into the computer which may be normal computer or a super computer where the software is involved with simulations and data is analyzed before publishing. Some lab runs on only designing where the dry lab is somewhat the machinery involved and with the involvement of the computers and software the designs are made.

In some laboratories direct workshops are linked to the laborites where the testing equipment is directly installed in the setup with computer stimulation to work on the specified project  .Some have  innovative designs as  the work involved in the laboratories are based on the works to be conducted .

Summing up:

The lab equipment depends on the nature of the work to be done in laboratories it depends on the high end works to minimal and maximum work oriented labor tires. Some are designed to work round the clock and  the equipment is made accordingly .

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