The IB Biology Class

The IB Biology Class

IB Biology is a bit challenging. The IB programs are generally hard and challenging so that students may face them and overcome them easily with the help of the classes. In ib biology class, the student has to memorize everything because it’s a learning subject.

Exam tips for IB biology

  • Paper 1 is a multiple-choice question.
  • Paper 2 is the short and long answer.
  • Paper 3 includes practical and data related questions.
  • Internal exams have to be performed well because they carry 20% weightage.

 The IB biology has both the level such as Standard level and High level. Students study the six core topics. Higher-level topics include five more topics. They also have an optional topic. The syllabus is divided into core subjects and higher-level subjects.

The core subject includes Cell, Genetics, Molecular biology, Ecology, Biodiversity, Human Physiology. The higher-level syllabus includes Nucleic acid, Cell respiration and metabolism, Plant biology, Genetics, Animal physiology.

Paper Structure

Paper 1 includes MCQs and the time for the Standard level paper is 45 minutes for 30 MCQs and Higher-level timings are 60 minutes for 40 MCQs. This paper will include the core topics. Paper 2 includes SAQ (Self-Assessment Questionnaire). For SL the time is 1 hour 15 min. HL is 2 hours 45 min. Paper 3 is an optional topic for which the timing for SL is 1 hour and HL is 1 hour 15 min.

The Tuttee should have to do hard work to understand the biology concepts because they are more challenging. The IB biology will include 3 papers with Standard and High-level questions that increase the knowledge of the person.

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