The Most Pervasive Problems in security companies

The Most Pervasive Problems in security companies

The last time you heard the word ‘security’, it probably made you think of your wallet or the worry on your mother’s face. This is what security companies have trained them to think about. But if you are a startup, physical theft will most likely be the least of your worries. Most security company in hong kong today focus on physical security, but they believe that as software eats the world, the future of security is in cyber security.

Security companies provide peace of mind.

Security companies provide peace of mind. That’s their product. They’re a kind of insurance: you pay them some money, and they promise to defend you against a particular class of threats. If you buy this insurance, the threats are less likely to happen. Not because security companies have an extraordinary power to ward off evil, but because by purchasing insurance, you’ve become more valuable to protect. The security company in hong kong will send guards to watch over you or install an alarm that will summon guards when it detects an intruder.

But this only works if the guards do come when the alarm sounds. If they don’t, the whole system breaks down. In that case, the best strategy is not to buy insurance at all: leave your doors unlocked and hope for the best. The trouble is that once some people decide not to purchase insurance, it becomes rational for everyone to follow suit. So eventually, no one has insurance or even locks on their doors. Moreover, as long as holdouts haven’t yet decided not to buy insurance, it makes sense for you not to either—so even if everyone would be better off with insurance, no one buys it, and everyone’s doors stay unlocked.

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