The top boat charters to rent your boat from this summer!

The top boat charters to rent your boat from this summer!

When one does a boat rental hong kong, one gets to see the symbolic centre of the city! A boat charter in Hong Kong is a kind experience that no one wouldn’t want to miss. With everything from afternoon tours of the city, sunset cruises and seeing the iconic Victoria Harbour, one will enjoy the mesmerizing skyline and coastal lines with this unforgettable experience.

These Hong Kong charter services can help one find their next luxury yacht.

Saffron Cruises

Saffron Cruises, with its entire fleet of luxury cruisers, is suitable for large groups. Why not charter Spice for the day to spice up the corporate getaways and celebrations? A boat from this fleet will undoubtedly be a crowd-pleaser as a seating capacity of 45, wide sundecks, and cosy interiors.

Hong Kong Yachting

Hong Kong Yachting features over 20 luxury cruisers for rent in Hong Kong, as well as junk boat packages. So they offer something for everyone. Each customized cruiser will fulfil the needs of the visitor, specializing in personalized charter services. Those looking for a more private family gathering can choose a smaller cruiser.


AsiaMarine’s huge charter fleet never fails to impress. The perfect yacht can boost any social event with a formidable array of facilities and luxurious décor. Film fans will like the Numarine 62’s outdoor theatre, which puts a sophisticated take on the classic summer drive-in. AsiaMarine also operates Fraser Yachts for the Asian market, well-known for providing tailor-made yacht rental experiences for any occasion.

Renting a boat and having a blast on the blue oceans is a dream for many. So, these amazing boat rentals offer the same to their customers.

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