Among the many spices available, we must remember turmeric, typical of Indian and Caribbean cuisine. For years now, ethnic recipes have also landed and so organic turmeric supplements has spread rapidly even in our kitchens. For sure you too have bought a jar at least once in your life.

Its bitter taste is therefore now famous, but what not everyone knows is that turmeric should not be considered only and exclusively as a mere spice, but as a superfood in all respects, therefore ideal for bringing well-being to the table. This is due to its active ingredient, curcumin, whose anti- inflammatory properties are exceptional. Not only that, there are many other important nutritional elements that turmeric allows to offer to our body.

Let’s go together to discover all the secrets of turmeric and how to take this exceptional superfood.

The rhizome is practically the stem of the plant, which develops directly under the ground, characterized by various internodes and by the presence of real shoots. Precisely for this reason it is not possible to speak of a root, even though many define this part of the plant as such.

Nutritional properties of turmeric

As we previously had the opportunity to affirm, turmeric is a superfood because its active ingredient, curcumin , allows us to guarantee a high level of well-being to our body. We will talk more about it later. What we want to tell you now is that turmeric can actually be considered a superfood also for its other nutritional properties. In fact, turmeric contains large quantities of vitamins , precisely those vitamins that our body needs to always feel healthy.

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