What is a Router?

What is a Router?

A router is basically a handy tool fixed to a base which helps the worker to trim, cut and shape thehard wood or plastic or any other variety of materials manually. But now a power induced form of router is also available in the market. For more information on routers refer ToolsDuty

The power induced router with electrically driven spindle is the popular one now. The handy tool called router plane still provides lots of advantages for certain cases even now than a power induced tool does. A Router table paired with a router is needed when you are going to work with some advanced wood projects. Otherwise a router alone is more than enough for smaller wood projects which involves trimming, shaping and cutting.

How does a Router work?

The original form of the router is of handheld type with its base being broader and a blade which is narrow enough that is projecting beyond the base plate. It consists of a flat base with a rotatable shaft which spins rapidly to work when it is powered.


Router manufacturers of today produce different and modern wood workingequipments.They specially come with speed controls which we can adjust based on our requirements. Don’t have idea about buying the best router for your mounting table suitable for your works?  ToolsDuty is for best routers and offers.

They are used on flat wood pieces to trace designs, which are held in the same place using clamps. The design is initially drawn on the wood using our hand to make the tracing process easier. One which has plunge bases can be locked in its own place so that the router can also be fixed in the same place for convenient usages.We can use extra attachments to extend routers use even more.

Some routers have soft-start abilities which level up their speed in gradual manner that are helpful for machines having largercutter. It can also be used for smaller routing wood works too. There are many best routers available in the market with lot of best features which can handle wood design, panel cutting process and even dovetailing. It is much easier to work with a router table because it can cut or shape even small materials.

Since the work is carried out by a machine, human errors are avoidable and time and money is getting saved for more production.

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