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            Human health has deteriorated greatly during the past few decades. What it used to be has changed so much that the synthetic medications have become sort of harmful for every human being. The free radicals are the most studies molecules that bring down the normal heath of person and to combat these free radicals are the antioxidants. They are available in nature in the technical name of astaxanthin which is found in the animals with red coloured meat such as salmon, shell fish, Cray fish and krill and the common food of these organisms is the red algae. To know more on the subject, you can click on to the link https://www.nbcsuper.com/. The red pigment on the red algae is taken up into the flesh of the above said organisms and they are considered good to bring in antioxidants.

Natural vs synthetic:

            The naturally occurring astaxanthin is sourced from living organisms whereas the synthetic one is sourced from petrochemicals and they are processed synthetically and are sold in shops. However, the natural source is getting depleted every day. There are certain effects which the synthetic component will raise in the human system while the natural one is considered without such side effects and is very beneficial for humans.

synthetic component

How it operates?

            The astaxanthin that is available in the red algae makes it to survive even in the high drought conditions. The component works in the human system by bonding to the free radicals and this prevents the free radicals to cause harm effects in the human body. The free radicals in general are the cause of speeding up the ageing process, it causes inflammations and severe pain in the muscles and the joints and many such effects. But with the component, these severe effects are prevented when they are consumed early in life and if taken after the illness appears, they can be controlled and healed in due course of time.


            The component works on the oxidation process and also helps in curing the condition and for more just lo on to the ink https://www.nbcsuper.com/

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