Why choose White when you have Pink?

Why choose White when you have Pink?

If you are trying to bring nutritious food to your diet, then substitute your salt from white to pink. Salt not only adds taste to the food but also provides you with minerals that the body needs, especially murray river salt. This is an Australian-based salt from the Murray-Darling Basin region of North West Victoria. They harvest these salts naturally using ancient methods, and it is a certified organic product that does not contain any added preservatives like in another salt in order to stop them from caking. As the name implies, they are naturally pink because of the Pristine mineralized saline and do not have the pungent smell of the normal salt, and though they are not as briny as the white ones, they provide the needed tang to the dish. Particularly as they are delicate and smooth, it enhances the food’s consistency, and it is rich in:

  • Sodium: It is a mineral that helps in maintaining the work of nerves, muscle, and body fluid.
  • Magnesium: It is very important for better metabolism and digestion.
  • Iron: To increase the production of hemoglobin and for better growth of the human.
  • Iodine: They are very useful to make thyroid hormones, mainly during pregnancy.
  • Potassium: It levels the harmful effects of sodium in the body and maintains a good heartbeat
  • Calcium: Much-needed mineral for bone strength and neurotransmission in the body.

murray river salt

Just a pinch of murray river salt seasoned to your food provides you with wonderful health benefits like they help in burning the food into energy that helps in proper digestion, thus people with bad digestive and gas problems can use it. You can calm down respiratory problems like throat infections or soreness and dry cough by gargling boiling water with this salt. They use it in the beauty industry for scrubbing away dead skin and as an anti-aging element. Massaging this salt along with the oil on the joints helps to reduce stiffness and pain.

If you are planning to reduce your weight, then along with the regular exercises, add this one with salads, oats, or any other dietary food as they enhance the metabolism in the body to burn the cholesterol and fat faster. Soaking feet in scalding water with this will help in cleansing the feet to reduce the chances of edema. Intake of an enormous amount of salt in the daily diet may cause kidney stones, but this type not only helps in kidney and gall bladder health, but they also keep you hydrated by sustaining the water level in the body. So, as they have the property of cleansing, you can add it to shampoo and when applied to the scalp they absorb excess oil and dirt paving way for new hair growth. To get these benefits, you can order this product from their official website.

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