Why should you get your own crossbow?

Why should you get your own crossbow?

There are several reasons why you should pick your own crossbow instead of using your friend’s. One reason topping the list is safety; a crossbow which doesn’t fit your size can injure you. Another reason you can never manage the balance of a crossbow and this will only result in missing targets.

Every crossbow is created to fulfill a particular process. You can’t use a hunter’s crossbow in sports as it gets heavy to hold and might not fit your size. The same goes for the sport’s crossbow which makes it hard to catch prey due to its noise and speed. Most of the sports crossbows are meant to carry out lightweight work. It is because of this reason that speed can’t be achieved using these kinds of crossbows.


With an expansion in the crossbow industry, there are several options of crossbows. However, with all this expansion the quality has decreased and you can’t trust any random brand for the purchase. There are some excellent brands which can take care of your crossbow needs. Here are a few good options to pick from:

SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package 543

With an excellent price coming under $140 this is a great choice for anyone having a love for shooting. The weight is accurate of 175 lbs and shooting velocity of 240 fps makes it one in itself product.

It is a recurve crossbow and can be used well by the experts with stead hands. The short-range coverage is great with a fog proof work that it does. Even if you are shooting in zero clearance situations you will definitely be able to get your prey.

In this package, you will be able to get hex keys, arrows, and a sling. If you go out and buy all of the mentioned separately it could cost you a burn-in pocket. It is easy to make exact pulls using the rope cocking device.

Quick pros to look out for

  1. A great package with an amazing rate
  2. Accuracy is appreciable
  3. Design and powerful performance takes away the show

Some CONS to mention

  1. The scope could have been better
  2. Not good with vibration and balancing.

Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow Package

It is best for smaller bodied hunters as it can be easily handled. The price is quite affordable with the functions it provides in response. There is a velocity of 300 fps and draw weight of 130 lbs which makes it light and good for use.

Quick pros list

  1. Great performing package
  2. Easy assembling
  3. Amazing prize rate

Cons that you must know

  1. Quality could have been a little better
  2. Strings are not perfect

The above mentioned are a few good options to pick from.

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