A Helpful Guide To Making Nasi Lemak Chicken

A Helpful Guide To Making Nasi Lemak Chicken

Who doesn’t love a chicken dinner! Leaving out some vegans and vegetarians, anything with chicken is unarguably the favorite dish of almost every non-vegetarian person in the world. You can create so many dishes using chicken and whether you are experimenting with something new or trying out your grandma’s age old recipe, you will always get a savoury dish that will leave you craving for more. If you are into Asian food, you are surely going to enjoy making nasi lemak chicken and more than that, you are going to enjoy devouring it. This Thai-inspired dish has all the crispness and flavour you desire on a hungry and lovely day.

Nasi lemak chicken recipe

To make this famous Thai dish, you will need to follow the following steps:-

  • The ingredients you need to prepare this dish are Belacan chilli, blue pea rice, speciality chicken wings, and mango salad.
  • The dish consists of chicken wings that have a crispy crust which is topped with Belacan chilli.
  • The dish is immensely fragrant and you can indulge your sweet tooth with the mango salad once you’re fine with the savoury part.

The most interesting part of nasi lemak chicken is that they come in different varieties and you can choose the set of dishes you want to order. Each dish is characterised by a different taste and flavour. If you are fascinated by this dish and want to try it out, you can check their website for more details.

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