Guide to Editing Your Videos with Movavi Video Editor

Guide to Editing Your Videos with Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor is a simple video editor program for beginners to use for basic video editing tasks. There are two versions of Movavi Video Editor including Movavi Video Editor 14 and Movavi Video Editor 14 Plus. The plus version offers extra features such as keyframe animation, and sample videos. The plus version also offers more built-in music and stickers.

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With Movavi video editor, you can merge video files together into a single video. Merging videos is as easy as opening the video files that you want to merge. To open a video file, you can drag it onto the timeline and let go of the mouse when you see a plus symbol. You can move the clip to any position on the timeline by dragging with your mouse. You can try moving the video clips around and previewing it in the preview area until you find the right sequence for all the clips.

You can click on the scissor button if you want to trim off unwanted clips from a single video. The scissor tool works with the red marker line. You have to move the marker line to the point where you want to cut and then click on the scissor button once more to trim it. The same marker line will move when you press the play button in the preview area.

You can rotate a clip up to 360 degrees by clicking the rotate button. Each time you click the rotate button, the clip will make a 90 degree rotation clockwise. The rotate tool is useful for fixing the incorrect orientation of your video clip. You can enhance the video and slightly improve the video quality via the color adjustment tool. The color adjustment tool is the icon with half white circle. You can opt for auto or manual adjustment. You will be able to adjust the coloration factors like saturation, contrast, white balance and sharpness of the video.

Movavi Video Editor offers tons of animated titles for you to add to your video. To add animated titles, you can select the T tab and drag the animated title style that you prefer onto the area above the video clip. If you see a plus symbol, it means you can drop the text title style there.

Clicking on the microphone button will take you to the recording screen where you can record your own voiceover. You also can record yourself in a video if you have a webcam. To start a webcam recording, you can click on the Record Video button on the main screen. It includes a free screen recorder program which can be accessed by clicking the Record Screencast button.

The latest version of Movavi Video Converter comes with the Montage Wizard. The Montage Wizard allows you to quickly edit all the video footage that you have taken in your recent trip and convert them into a single movie. There are four steps in the Montage Wizard which are open files, add audio files, preview and export.

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