Here are some lifestyle changes that can help you treat sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder in which your breathing is repeatedly disrupted while the person sleeps. These breathing pauses normally last 10 to 20 seconds and can occur 5 to more than 100 times each hour. The most common symptoms include loud snoring, gasping for air in sleep, waking up with a dry mouth, and more.

Here are some healthy changes if someone is looking for ways how to treat sleep apnea.

  1. Keep a healthy weight

Obesity of the the upper body can increase the risk of airway blockage and can lead to narrow nasal passages. These impediments can cause the person to stop breathing abruptly or for extended periods while they sleep. Maintaining a healthy weight can help keep the airways open, suppressing the symptoms of sleep apnea.

  1. Take up yoga

Exercising regularly can boost energy, strengthen the heart, and help sleep apnea treatment. Yoga, in particular, can boost respiratory strength and increase oxygen flow. Sleep apnea depends on low blood oxygen saturation. Yoga has varied breathing exercises to help increase oxygen levels.

  1. Avoid consuming alcohol and smoking

Changes in the lifestyle can enhance one’s health and encourage improved sleeping patterns. To decrease sleep apnea consequences, one should quit smoking and minimize alcohol consumption. Tobacco and alcohol usage can cause inflammation and swell in the airways. It can aggravate snoring and sleep apnea.

These small, yet impactful, lifestyle changes can enable sleep apnea patients to manage their symptoms and sleep somewhat peacefully. One should always consult a doctor before opting for any home remedies. In some rare cases, surgery can be used as an ultimate form of treatment for this condition.

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