Lee Shau Kee – The Philanthropist Who Made a Difference in Hong Kong

Lee Shau Kee – The Philanthropist Who Made a Difference in Hong Kong

Who is Lee Shau Kee?

He was born in Shunde, Guangdong, China, on March 7, 1928. Lee was born in a humble background, where fish and meat were only affordable twice a month. He is a business entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist from Hong Kong. His company Henderson Land Development, a multibillion-dollar real estate company with interests in hotels, restaurants, and internet services, is owned by him. He handed over the reins to two of his sons, Peter and Martin Lee, after stepping down as chairman and managing director at the age of 91. He continues to support as executive director. As of July 2021, his worth was reported to be US$33.0 billion, making him Hong Kong’s second-wealthiest man.

Dr. Lee Shau kee Foundation

Doing charity and public welfare, according to Dr. lee shau kee, is the same as doing business. You must get a lot if you donate a dime. He is a committed philanthropist, lee shau kee foundation has donated more than $400 million to the benefit of Hong Kong’s commoners.

As a firm believer of the power of more benefiting individuals, he is in favor of expanding the program. He has provided unrestricted assistance to education and talent development in Hong Kong, the Mainland, and abroad over the years. He has donated billions of Hong Kong dollars to help innumerable outstanding talents, and he has worked tirelessly in disaster relief and poverty alleviation, improving the lives of millions of people. He has donated to and actively supports many institutions and organizations in Hong Kong, including libraries, universities, and other educational institutions. Lee donated a reputed management college HK$100 million in May 2018 to boost its strategic development.


He is a great businessman and a philanthropist who has revolutionized and continues to make Hong Kong one of the best places on earth.

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