More About Bitcoin – Learn it Here!

More About Bitcoin – Learn it Here!

Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that is not managed by the agency or bank but where transactions are been recorded in blockchain, which is public and has records of every transaction, which takes place. This cryptocurrency is been traded by people with the cryptographic keys, which acts as the wallets. Bitcoin was invented in the year 2009 by the founder called Satoshi Nakamoto. The bitcoins get moved in the blocks each 10 min on the decentralized ledger, which connects the blocks in coherent chain that goes back to first genesis block. This was described originally as peer 2 peer electronic money but technology has been evolved to emphasize as the settlement layer instead of payment network

What’s Bitcoin Worth?

In the year 2017, the BTC price rose from $1,000 in the starting of a year to $19,000, and ending the year at 1,400% higher. Quite recently, cryptocurrency has declined its value and plateaued, and save for some periods of lower cost figures (early portion of the year 2019, when the prices hovered over $3500) and higher ones. From October 2019, BTC appears to have found the new cost point in range of $8,000 – $9,000.


How Does Bitcoin Work?

BTC is the digital currencies that use P2P technology to facilitate the instant payments. Independent individuals or companies who have governing computing power or participate in Bitcoin network, known as the “miners,” are been motivated by the rewards (release of the new bitcoin) a well a transaction fees are paid in the bitcoin.

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