What are Bank Safes and The Bank Safe for Sale?

What are Bank Safes and The Bank Safe for Sale?

Bank safes are secure spaces where you can keep your money, jewelry, documents, or any other essential valuables. The safes protect your valuables inside armored walls and doors with a lock. The lock which gets used is a very complex one. The bank safes got produced because of the increasing robbery cases everywhere. So, banks found a way to keep your content safe. But, bank robbery cases are heard over a lot nowadays. That’s why the bank vault makers searched for innovative ideas to create them to prevent burglary in banks. The modern safes consist of anti-theft units and unusual alarms. So, it makes them highly protective against bank robbers. You can look at the bank safes for sale to get an idea about its design.

The manufacturing of bank safes Hong Kong

The bank safes Hong Kong get viewed as one of the highly demanded safe. The process of its manufacturing involves four parts- panel, door, lock and installation.

  • The panel

The first step starts with the molding of the wall panels. As the concrete used in the safe processing is thick, it becomes difficult to pour it. It takes about six to twelve hours to set and dry. Then the mixture is dumped into the molds. After that, a chain of steel rods gets transferred into the blend. The molds get vibrated for a while for the settlement of the material. The concrete hardens, and at the end, the workers send the unmold product to the construction site.

  • The door

A special concrete is required to make the mold of the door. It differs from the panel’s mold. The door gets cladded in stainless steel and has a hole for the lock.

  • The lock

Modern bank safes have dual control locks. It means that two people are needed to open the lock. The safe’s lock also has a time lock which is valid for a specific time limit. It is an overall theft-proof system. Hong Kong is an expert in creating suck type of locks.

  • Installation

Installation is the final step following the processing of panels, doors, and locks. These items get transported to the construction site. The workers weld the panel and do the alarm settings. Installation of the alarm with a camera gets connected with the local police for safety purposes.

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