The Effects of Infidelity to the Betrayed Spouse

The Effects of Infidelity to the Betrayed Spouse

One of the most common destruction of marriage is infidelity, which is one of the leading causes of divorce. If one partner goes outside of the relationship for emotional or physical needs, the other partner may end the relationship, or forgive and stay in it. Either way, however, extra-marital affairs have significant, negative effects.  The impacts can be disastrous and may take a long time to get over and work through.

Of course, not all affairs end up in divorce, but it is an ideal thing to talk about it in the first place since it is necessary to understand the partner’s feelings and how it can impact your marriage.

Loss of Trust in the Cheating Partner

Generally, the partner who has been cheated on will find it difficult to trust. He or she may be doubtful for every action or judgment of their cheating spouse. Even if your relationship is starting a new beginning, the effects of infidelity can still follow. That is why it is important to deal with your trust issues. Most of the time, getting professional help is of significant advantage.

Self Esteem Issues

It is highly possible that the person who has been cheated on may have some damage to his or her self esteem. Thoughts may keep running on their heads, asking if he or she was not enough, or he or she would blame him or herself for what happened. Same as how children tend to blame themselves for their parents’ divorce, many victim partners respond to the affair by blaming themselves. You need to think that the decision to cheat was not yours. And although there have been problems existing in the relationship prior to the infidelity, you did not decide to have an affair. The problem had much more to do with your partner than in you.

A Myriad of Emotions

There may be a time where you feel like crying, and the next is you would want to scream. Or, you may blame today, then blame yourself tomorrow. When facing infidelity, a roller coaster of emotion is normal. You need to feel all the emotion, but make sure to work through it. Don’t get stuck with your feelings. You may seek external help if you need someone to talk to about how you feel or if you feel overwhelmed.

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Emotional Instability

Being cheated on may give you the feeling that your world has turned upside down. You will begin to think that the things in your life that gave you a sense of security before have been shattered. Emotional instability is normal. But it is necessary to find a sense of stability inside yourself. Try to realize your survival skills from the past, and think that you can cope with this one, too.

It Affects All Other Areas of Life

Infidelity can cause a ripple effect in your life, and you may find yourself having a different outlook when it comes to your job, your friends, your life choices– either positive or negative. But according to most victims of an extra-marital affair, they say that it caused changes in all areas of their lives. You must be aware of this so as not to make changes to some major areas of your life while you are in the middle of the emotional turmoil accompanied by the affair.

Cheating has many reasons, and frequently, it is done without much thought or consideration of the possible effects it can have on the other partner. You must address the effects and find ways to work through them. Whether you choose to divorce or decide to forgive, building a support network of friends and family and seeking professional help from family lawyers in Melbourne can help you overcome these impacts and move on.

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